Covid-19 has made us rethink ways to connect, learn and look after the wellbeing of ourselves and our families. We will be using this part of our website to put together resources for learning and wellbeing. 


We are very lucky to be in the position where we are able to go to school again. Even still, we believe that the resources in this section are extremely useful outside of lock down as well.


Stories: One of the best things you can do to help your child’s reading and writing is to read stories to them. Or cuddle up together and watch online stories. Every now and then pause to discuss the story (in your first language). Eg: I wonder what …. is going to do, what will happen next, Is that like something you’ve done, Can you think of a time when…


Storytelling is also good. Can you remember and share stories from your childhood or culture? 


We hope you can have some time learning, sharing and playing with your children. We also hope that these resources might keep your children occupied in ways that help their learning and at the same time might give you a bit of time to do your own work, chores or just have a short break.

Please keep watching this website as well as our Facebook page for more information and resources.


Take care Whanau Glenview,

Whaea Lynda and the team.