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Writing Task for Seniors 

 1. Keep a journal, keep a gratitude list, write instructions for something, write an alternate ending to favourite story or movie, write a story, keep a book of facts, write a book, movie or video game review. 

 2. Learn about Nouns


To be a good writer we need to learn about grammar. Grammar is how language is organised. 

Nouns are “naming words”. Please watch these short videos:


Proper nouns need ‘Upper case’ or ‘Capital” letters. 



Please copy this short story out and put the capital letters into the right places. Take them out if they are in the wrong places. Remember that you can work out where a full stop should go because it is where you stop for a break or a breath when you read the story out loud:


"Timmy had been at home for ten days because his brother bobby had been sick with covid. today was Day 11 so They were both allowed to go back to school they went to glenview school. Glenview school is  in bedford street in cannons creek. bobby’s teacher was pups and timmy’s teAcher was Whaea leka They both were lookiNg forward to seeing their friends Again."

Reading Eggs has a free 30 day trial. This is a great website to boost reading and writing at all levels. Your child does a “placement test” to determine what level they should start at.

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Matua Murray was Whaea Lynda’s teacher at Teachers College (Many, many years ago). He has recorded some great writing lessons. Please find one that you would like to do. 

A range of literacy and numeracy activities.

Message our Glenview Facebook page for the login.

This video explains how you can get Sunshine Online on your phone or other device. It is a great resource for reading development.

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