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Maths for Parents  

A link for parents who are interested in building their maths understanding to help grow their children's maths minds. 

DMIC - Bobby Hunter talks about the importance of students talking in small groups to help each other solve maths problems. 

Christina Tondevold is a mum and teacher who is an advocate of students learning about how numbers work (number sense, number fluency) rather than memorising eg. rote learning timetables. At about 2.59mins, Christina shares how estimating helps, using visuals to associate with the numbers and how they relate to each other, giving your kids story problems to solve, and playing any kind of game - connect four, hangman, noughts and crosses... This is a link to a newsletter containing more activities which you can do at home. and a link to a video of using your everyday life to have math conversations with your children at home.

Nathan Mikaere Wallis's Lockdown Tips for Parents...

Nathan Mikaere Wallis is a NZ education and parenting expert. He shares tips and information from neuroscience and psychological research for parents, caregivers and educators.

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