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These are two stories for children that aim to help them understand and manage the different emotions they experience not only throughout their lives, but especially during this uncertain time.

Play Ideas

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Here you will find lots of good ideas for play activities for children. Children learn more than we realise through play and the best thing is for their interests to guide their play and learning.

Physical Wellbeing

Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) does lots of workout videos for people of all ages and fitness levels. This is one of workouts aimed at primary children and below is a link to the rest of his "Kids Workouts to do at Home" videos.

GoNoodle is used by families and schools all over the world. During this time it's the perfect for turning screen time into active time, burning off extra energy on bad weather days, calming kids down before bedtime and exercising the whole family… together!

Below is a link to a video where the author of “The Lion in Me”, Andrew Jordan Nance, reads his story which has some important messages for children about how to calm themselves down when they feel angry, frustrated or scared. (scroll down for "Mindful Schools Online Class for Kids Ep. 4: The Lion In Me)

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